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Global Conscience

From composting to sourcing sustainable food to reducing hunger, Folklore Culinary set the bar high for caring to our environment. Let us show you how.



What Does it Mean to Go Green?

Going green means pursuing environmentally friendly practices that help Folklore Culinary reduce its impact on the Earth. In the foodservice industry, this can be through reducing energy usage, cutting down on the use of disposable products, minimizing food waste, etc. 



Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

Folklore Culinary uses a lot of electricity, mostly through the use of appliances. One of the best ways to cut down on our energy usage is to switch from standard appliances and equipment to energy-efficient models, such as Energy Star Qualified appliances.

  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs, such as LED, halogen, and CFL bulbs.
  • We install motion sensor lights in the bathrooms instead of keeping the lights on throughout the day.
  • We use spot air conditioners to cool space rather than running the building's air conditioning. 

Restructure Food Shipments

Getting regular or weekly food shipments delivered to our Folklore Culinary facility results in a higher carbon footprint, because the delivery truck has to drive to the establishment more frequently. There are two excellent ways we ensure that we always have fresh food on hand while reducing our establishment's impact: buying local produce and ordering food in bulk.

We Buy Local Produce

One of the best ways to reduce our establishment's carbon footprint is to buy food from local sources. Our food comes from nearby farms, it has a shorter distance to travel, so it spends less time on a truck. Additionally, while we serve customers local food, our business has become as farm-to-table business and offer our menu items at a premium. 


What Does it Mean to Be a Zero-Waste Establishment?

A zero-waste means that we do not produce any trash or food waste which has to be taken to a landfill. Although the total number of zero-waste restaurants around the world are few, Folklore Culinary is adapting to these eco-friendly practices in order to minimize our carbon footprint on the world and embrace a zero-waste ethos.


Going green in our Folklore facility can be a challenge but doing our part to use eco-friendly products and eco-conscious practices can not only reduce our impact on the environment, but also make our world a safe place to live. there are many quick and easy ways that your restaurant can go green, such as switching to eco-friendly disposables or installing energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, therefor, our team at Folklore Culinary challenge all of our readers to try do their part as well.


Embracing Environmental Responsibility

At Your Event

We source local, seasonal, organic ingredients featuring sustainably farmed produce, meats, fish and wines.

Addressing Hunger

We offer our clients the ability to socially offset their catering event with cost effective matching meals for those in need such as: Food For Life Network, Miami Rescue Mission, Kosher Food Bank.

Reducing Impact

We prefer reusable service wares and offer 100% compostable products when applicable.


We create an efficient food waste management system that decreases methane emission and reduces our carbon footprint.

Eliminating Toxics

We use eco-friendly cleaning agents for dishwashing and facility sanitation.


We're constantly creating drought-friendly menus to mitigate our environmental impact.

Addressing Hunger
Folklore Culinary donates left-over food to South Florida's food bank organizations, such as KOSHER FOOD BANK. * We empower you to become a local food hero by sharing your surplus food with shelters, churches, synagogs and other nonprofits in need

We recycle and compost in our kitchen, office and at every event in which we are involved.

Staff Education

Our Folklore Culinary staff is committed and trained to further reduce the impact of our footprint on our planet.

Vendor Partners

Folklore Culinary partners with other local eco-friendly South Florida businesses and vendors such as florists, venues, event designers, photographers, lighting and transportation companies who also follow green catering practices.

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