In today's world, everything is at our fingertips, why not add a private chef to the mix?  Whether hosting an intimate dinner for two or planning a get together with friends and family, hiring a private chef is easy and affordable. Yes,  we said affordable.  Our team works with you to create a memorable experience and a few of our favorite ways to wow with culinary delights include:

  • Theme Dinners - Getting out of town isn't the easiest these days and that's why we love theme dinners. Take guests on a culinary journey and feature a tasting menu inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions. 
  • Hands-On Meals - While we can handle the heat in the kitch and then some, it's always fun to have some extra hands. Let our team bring you into the culinary action and show you how to replicate dishes even after we leave.
  • Small Plates - Three course meals are always a house favorite, but small plate menus are an amazing way to try a collection of flavors in servings that leave you with plenty of room for dessert.

Whatever your culinary style, get in touch with us and we'll start planning your first private chef experience!