Breakfast Lunch & Dinner Private Chef







Granola Parfait

Yogurt, grain free granola, Black Forest berries crème

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Cut up fruits and berries

BYO Bagel Board

House made lox, warm assorted bagels, red onions, capers, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, dill, lemons whipped cream cheese assortment, sliced Havarti cheese

Avocado Toast

 Crispy multigrain, crushed avocado, fresh chives, fresh lemons, and olive oil

Eggs To Your Liking 

Available options: poached, fried, sunny-side-up, hard-boiled, omelets, scrambled (egg whites available)



Grab & Go Lunch (perfect for a day in the park)


Hand Picked Fruit 

Apple, pear, banana, peach, apricot all wrapped in paper bag per family

Schnitzel Sandwich

 Baguette with everything bagel crusted schnitzel, iceberg, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, red onions with lemon aioli

Falafel Wrap 

Israeli salad, tahini on the side

Katz’s Deli Sandwich 

8-hours roast beef with honey-mustard aioli, sauerkraut, and caramelized onions

Green Bowl 

Garden vegetables, sprouts, and balsamic vinaigrette



BBQ Buffett Dinner


Salads Centerpiece (served on dining table)

Israeli Salad 

Chopped cucumber, onions, tomatoes, and herbs

Angel Hair Cabbage Salad

Scallions, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, shredded carrots, beets, and dried cranberries in a creamy sweet sesame sauce

Nuts About You 

Arugula, noodles, red onions, beets, seaweed, and mixed nuts in a creamy garlic and sesame sauce

Condiments and House Made Aioli’s 

Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Zhoug Aioli (spicy), Garlic Aioli, Lemon Aioli, Amba Aioli, BBQ Sauce


House Made Dips 

Hummus, Baba, Green Tahini, Harissa, Olive Tapenade


Centerpiece Platters (served over mini grills on table)

The Roast 

VegZucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Onion, Garlic Heads, and Peppers

Caramelized Cauliflower Gnocchi 

Heirloom tomato and garlic sauce

Truffle Potato Skins 

Side smoke crème


From the Grill (family style platters)

Prime Rib-Eye

 House seasoning

Beef Sliders 

Brioche with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onion, and lemon aioli

Pargiot Skewers 

Fresh thyme and rosemary crust over glazed balsamic



Apple Crumble

Apples baked and sweet crumble over vegan ice-cream

Chocolate Melting 

Hot soufflé served in hot grill with side warm chocolate-gnash













Kids’ Corner - Fun Pancake Station 

Pancakes made to order with choice of: M&M’s, 

rainbow sprinkles, crushed oreos, chocolate chips, cut up bananas, blueberries, chocolate maple sauce, whipped cream, and honey                                                                                                                                                                      

 Assorted Cereals and Yogurts


Seasonal Fruit Platter 

Cut up colorful Florida fruits


Assorted sliced breads, bagels, condiments

Tater Tots 

(Breakfast Potatoes)

Eggs To Your Liking 

Available options: poached, fried, sunny-side-up, hard-boiled, omelets, scrambled (egg whites available)



Lunch by The Pool


Hand Picked Fruit Board 

Apple, pear, banana, peach, apricot

Baked Chicken Tenders 

Over baked sweet potato fries

Fresh Beer Battered Mahi-Mahi Sandwich 

Brioche bun with shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion, cilantro, and lemon aioli

Veggies Platter 

Carrots, cucumber, watermelon radishes and bell peppers, side champagne vinaigrette

Avocado Salad  

Silk lettuce, red onions, chopped tomatoes, radishes, fresh basil, and sprouts in light olive oil dressing


Refreshing homemade lemonade with chopped mint

Spa Water 

Fruity water with ice



Family Style Dinner



French Lentil Salad

 Spinach, scallions, walnuts, mixed seeds, dried cranberries, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and shaved carrots in a cilantro and mint dressing

Garden Salad With a Twist 

Tomato, cucumber, red onion, shaved rainbow carrots, radishes, sprouts, mixed summer lettuce with squeezed lemon and olive oil



The Whole Cauliflower 

Baked to perfection with a side of golden turmeric tahini and herbs

Camp Fired Potato 

Aluminum Wrapped with truffle salt

Pan Fried Asparagus 

White wine and topped with everything bagel seasoning

Pasta Lovers

 (Sauce Options: Olive oil & Garlic, Marinara, Vegan Butter and Sage)



Roasted Salmon

 Teriyaki glaze, chopped parsley and toasted sesame

Lemon Chicken

 24 hours marinated chicken on the bone and breast





Assorted Sorbet 

Coconut, lemon, strawberry in cones or bowls

Hot Babka 

Homemade, served warm












Israeli Shakshuka 

Served simmering in mini grillstopped with feta and herbs with a side of garlic ciabatta


Assorted sliced breads, bagels, condiments


Assortment of nuts and cut up fruits for toppings

Eggs To Your Liking

Available options: poached, fried, sunny-side-up, hard-boiled, omelets, scrambled (egg whites available)





Hand Picked Fruit Board 

Apple, pear, banana, peach, clementine

Tacos Platter 

Cauliflower and wild mushrooms, mahi-mahi, pulled beef

Sushi Platter 

Salmon and avocado tempura rolls, crispy rice spicy Ahi tuna, spicy tuna roll, veggie rolls with side pickle ginger, soy sauce, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Broccoli Salad 

Dried cranberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, bell peppers, carrots, and red onions in a creamy lemon dressing

Strawberry Lemonade 

Refreshing homemade strawberries with chopped mint

Spa Water 

Fruity water with ice



Family Style & Plated Kiddush Dinner


Center Piece Salads

Challah Assortment

 Sesame, Apple Honey, Rainbow Sprinkles

Israeli  Hummus, Baba, Tahini, Israeli Salad, Cucumber-Dill Salad, Moroccan Carrot, Chopped Beets

Spinach Salad 

Candied pecans, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and sweet potatoes in a creamy poppy seed dressing

Faro Salad

 Sautéed mushrooms, zucchini, shredded carrots, peppers and red onions over baby arugula in a lemon, ginger, and lemongrass dressing



Plated 1st Course


Traditional Matzo Ball Soup

Potato Bourkas

 Homemade pastry with thick and creamy mushroom sauce

Moroccan Fish 

Slow cooked Corvina fish with tomato, garlic, and cilantro sauce topped with garbanzo


Plated Entrée

Holiday Chicken

 Slow baked chicken with caramelized onions, dried fruits and sylan (dates syrup)

8-Hours Ribs

 Super tender back ribs with house seasonings

Israeli Schnitzel 

Fried chicken with special everything bagel seasoning


Sides Family Style


The Potato Family 

Baked sweet potato, baby potatoes, butternut squash with fresh oregano and thyme

Sugar Cane Brussels Sprouts

 Crispy shallots, sweet soy, and toasted sesame


 Slow cooked Jasmin rice with dill and lentils (plain rice will also be served)





Greek Doughnuts

 Hot mini Balls in lavender honey

Soft Chocolate Rugalach 

Served warm

Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Soft and gooey

Fruit Bowl 

Decorated watermelon / cantaloupe bowl with fruit salad swimming in squeezed juice


Weekend Chef

Organic, Natural, Sustainable

Our catering menus feature the highest quality seasonal organic, natural and sustainably farmed produce, meats and fish, sourced primarily from the South Florida area, and drought friendly.

In House Cuisine

As the exclusive Caterer of South Florida, we can also provide our In-House food and beverage services for a variety of private and corporate events at these locations as unique special event resources.

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